When does the Planning Board meet and where?

The Planning Board meets twice a month on the first and third Tuesday night 6:30 p.m. location of the meeting is in the Middleborough Town Hall Board of Selectmen’s meeting room. Official Schedules are always posted on the Town website.  **Currently due to COVID meetings are open to the public via ZOOM. See ZOOM link information in the Agenda Center.**

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1. Where is the Planning Department located?
2. When does the Planning Board meet and where?
3. Is there a Notary Public in the Planning Department?
4. How can I be placed on the Agenda?
5. How many Planning Board members are there?
6. Can anyone attend a Planning Board meeting?
7. Are all Planning Board meeting minutes available to the public?
8. What is the description of a Form A?
9. How many plan copies are needed when a Form A application is submitted?
10. When is the best time to submit a Form A?
11. What are the required lot sizes, minimum yards (setbacks) and frontage?