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Mission Statement

The Town of Middleborough is dedicated to providing the highest quality of services to its residents through strong leadership, progressive governance and innovative strategies. We are committed to ensuring opportunities for recreational, social and economic development while preserving our rich heritage.

The Town of Middleborough

Middleborough is the second largest town by land area in Massachusetts. We have fully staffed Fire and Police Departments, and municipally owned Water, Sewer and Electric and Gas Departments. The population of the town is approximately 23,116. The area that the town covers is 72.16 square miles. Middleborough also has its own accredited school system Teaching Kindergarten through 12th grade. Middleborough was settled in 1660, and incorporated in 1669.

Principal Industries

Middleborough's principal industries are:

  • Brass Goods
  • Calendars
  • Diversified Products
  • It Is the Cranberry Capital of the World
  • Lumber
  • Major Center of Antiques
  • Novelty Items
  • Warehousing


Middleborough is located 38 miles from Boston, 22 miles from New Bedford, and 30 miles from Providence, Rhode Island. Middleborough is on Route 44 to Plymouth and Routes 28 and 495 to Cape Cod. It is also on Route 79 to Fall River and Routes 18 and 105 to New Bedford. Middleborough is also on Route 44 to Taunton and Providence, Rhode Island. Middleborough is also now served by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority's Old Colony Commuter Rail Service.

Photo Gallery

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General Information

  • Area - 72.16 square miles
  • Elevation - 100 feet above sea level
  • Fully Staffed Fire and Police Departments
  • Incorporated - 1669
  • Municipality Owned - Water, Sewer, Gas and Electric Light Plant
  • Number of Dwellings - 7,195
  • Population - 23,116
  • Recreation Available - Swimming, Tennis, Playgrounds
  • Schools Accredited
  • Settled - 1660