The Middleborough Highway Department is responsible for maintenance and improvements to the Town's 160 mile roadway system. Typical work performed by the Highway Department, not including snow and ice control, includes the following:

  • Assistance to other Town Departments
  • Bridges: Surface and deck repairs, masonry repairs, railing repairs
  • Catch Basin Cleaning: Year round
  • Curbside rubbish collection, roadside rubbish, weekly removal of rubbish from town buildings
  • Drainage: Repair / rebuild catch basins and manholes, repair / replace drain pipes, clean drainage swales and ditches, removal of brush and vegetation from detention basins, flood control, cleaning of pipes and culverts
  • Paint street lines, stop lines, crosswalks
  • Repair of Highway and Department of Public Works Equipment
  • Repair / replace street signs, stop signs, speed limits, parking, etc.
  • Road Maintenance: Periodic patching of potholes, repair of defects, sidewalk repair, berm and driveway apron repair, installation / repair of curbing, guard rail repair and installation
  • Roadside mowing and roadside trimming of brush and tree limbs, weed control
  • Street Sweeping, spring cleanup of sand, fall sweeping of leaves

Emergency Response

There is a 24 hour emergency response to:

  • Accidents
  • Floods
  • Hurricanes
  • Windstorms and Other Disasters