Block Grants (CDBG)

Community Development Block Grants

Middleborough competes with hundreds of cities and towns in Massachusetts for State Community Development Block Grant funds (CDBG), provided to the State by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Allocation of Funds

Every year, the State's Department of Housing and Community Development receives an allocation of these funds to distribute to non-entitlement communities (communities that don't qualify to receive a direct CDBG allocation from U.S. HUD) in Massachusetts through a competition application process. The applicant's project must meet U.S. HUD criteria for meeting one of three national objectives and well as for the eligibility of the type of project.

National Objectives

Each CDBG-funded activity must meet at least one of these three national objectives:

  • Meet other community development needs having a particular urgency (rare to simply address this objective alone)
  • Prevent or eliminate slum and blight
  • Principally benefit low to moderate income (LMI) persons

Some examples of CDBG eligible projects include:

  • Housing Rehabilitation project
  • Infrastructure Repair
  • Micro-enterprise or other business assistance
  • Public social services
  • Removal of architectural barriers to allow access by persons with disabilities

Who Can Apply

Only municipalities can apply for State CDBG funds.

Past Projects Funded by CDBG

The Town received its most recent CDBG grant in 2013 in the amount of $894,657, used for eligible housing rehabilitation loans and for infrastructure improvements. Other past projects are:

  • 1998 CDF: Streetscape and Building Façade improvements
  • 1998 RRF: Clay Street Sewer extension
  • 1999 HDSP: Peirce Building Renovated: 7 new affordable apartments created
  • 2000 HDSP: Corsini Building Renovated: 7 new affordable apartments created
  • 2001 RRF: Streetlights and Building Façade improvements
  • 2002 CDF: Housing Rehabilitation Grant: 26 LMI Households served
  • 2003 HDSP: Faietti Building renovated, creating 7 new affordable apartments
  • 2005 CDF: Housing Rehabilitation Grant: 32 Low to Moderate Households (LMI) served
  • 2010 CDF: Emergency Housing Financial Assistance Grant: 10 to 15 Low to Moderate Households (LMI) served
  • 2013 CDF Housing Rehabilation - $150,925

Program Income Funds

In addition to direct grants from the DHCD, the OECD has received funds from the repayment of Housing Rehab loans, called "Program Income" funds. With these funds, the OECD has created the following programs / projects since 2006:

  • After School "Engineering is Elemental" Program
  • Home Repair Program (one of the most successful activities)
  • Sidewalk Repair Project
  • Sign and Façade Improvement Project
  • Star Mill Re-use Feasibility Study

Supporting Locally

The Town applies for CDBG funding annually, and when awarded supports local housing and community development initiatives and programs run out of OECD; programs such Housing Rehabilitation, Emergency Housing Repair and sidewalk accessibility improvements.